Dog Park

Welcome to the 1st Dog Park in Hancock County

We wish to offer the dogs a safe, well-maintained place to play and get daily exercise in a space that all is all their own. Our hope is that this dog park will promote positive pet ownership, dogs and their owners can socialize and promote health and safety.

The following are a list or rules and guidelines to follow while visiting Hancock County Dog Park:

Dogs must be licensed, and tags must be worn at all times.

Dogs must be vaccinated in accordance with the Ordinance for the Control of all Dogs in Hancock County §19-20A-2.

Park is subject to all ordinances pertaining to animals including the West Virginia Code § 7-1-3kk and 19-20A-8 declaring vicious and/or dangerous dogs are a public nuisance. No dog that has been declared vicious can enter the Dog Park. Violators will be charged.

Aggressive dogs and dogs in heat are prohibited.

All dogs must be leashed until safely inside the Dog Park and then returned to the leash prior to exiting the fenced in area.

Dog Owners must have a leash visible at all times.

Dogs must be removed from the Dog Park at the first sign of aggression.

No more than Two(2) dogs per person are permitted at one time in the Dog Park.

Owners must be in view of their dogs and have verbal control at all times

Owners are liable for any injury or damages caused by their dog and are responsible for their dogs actions

The following Dog Toys are prohibited in the Dog Park (Rawhide, rope toys, chew toys and balls)

Puppies must be over the age of six months

For the safety of children, please do not bring children under the age of 12 into the Dog Park

Owners must clean up after their dogs and dispose of waste properly in designated on-site containers

No food or glass containers are allowed in the Dog Park

Smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the Park

Open from Sunrise to Sunset Daylight Hours Only

In Case of Emergency call 911

Hancock County Animal Control (304) 387-4102

For Maintenance Issues call Hancock County Parks and Recreation at (304) 387-4121